Plexus Online Automatic Setup for IE6

To aid in the setup of Internet Explorer for Plexus Online use, Plexus offers the Plexus Online Automatic Setup.  This program, when run from your machine, will automatically configure the settings required to run Plexus Online on Internet Explorer 6.  The exact settings changed are listed further below. 

Simply complete the following steps:

1)  Ensure you are logged onto your machine as an Administrative user.  Plexus Auto Setup will not allow non-administrative users to complete the auto setup.

2)  Close all programs you have running.  Please be aware that at the end of the Auto Setup, your PC will automatically reboot without any kind of prompt. 

3)  Click the following link to Setup Plexus now.

4)  When asked to "Run" or "Save" the program, choose to "Run" the program.

5)  You will be asked to run the Plexus Automatic Setup.  Click the "More Options" button and select "Always run software from "Plexus Systems LLC" as depicted below.


Once setup is complete, the following changes will have been made to your IE configuration:

On the Internet Options -> Tools, General Tab:

On the Internet Options -> Tools, Security Tab:

On the Internet Options -> Tools, Privacy Tab:

On the Internet Options -> Tools, Advanced Tab: